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Additional Physical Update: April 15

A few more big releases have sprung up since Monday so here's a quick update to make sure you have the information you need as the weekend approaches. Remember to subscribe to our mail list and check the Release Archive for a full list of past and upcoming products: we just added a ton of new entries. As always shoot us an email if anything is incorrect or missing.

Alright, onto a quick look at the new announcements for the weekend.

Neoncity Records surprised fans on Wednesday with the announcement of the long awaited boxset of Yung Bae's 'Japanese Disco Edits' 1, 2, & 3. Each boxset will feature 3 cassettes, one with each of the 3 entries into the series, and will be housed in a black box with Yung Bae's name in gold lettering. The boxset, along with a limited edition T-shirt and CD, drop at 3pm PDT on Saturday 4/17!


My Pet Flamingo's planned release of "Yume no Machi" by Opus Science Collective has gained an additional format. The label announced today on Twitter that the planned vinyl release of the album has arrived early which means records will be up for sale at the same time as cassettes Friday at 5pm UK time. Once again, there will be a regular and 'Vapor" addition of the album and it has been described to be a love letter to city pop and fusion.


Finally, Stratford Ct is planning a repress of Memorex Memories' 'Pictures of Purple Skies' Friday at 9am PST. The popular album has already sold out 2 vinyl runs, so plan to get there early if you want to snag this third, and possibly final, pressing.

That's all for now. Until next time, hope to see you around the Plaza!

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