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CELADON PLAZA SELECTS: GODSPEED 音's 苦しみに対する主権 LP (tape edition)

Celadon Plaza is proud to announce, available physically for the first time ever...

苦しみに対する主権 LP (tape edition)


GODSPEED's serene journey of unique sounds finally comes to cassette
  • Two Professionally Duplicated Premium Ferro Tapes

  • Stunning Purple Tint Shells housed in Butterfly Cases

  • FOUR Tape Exclusive Bonus Tracks

  • Two Full Color Double Sided J-cards


  • RELEASES FRIDAY 8/12 at 12:30 PM ET exclusively on the Celadon Plaza Bandcamp

We are honored to bring GODSPEED音's 3rd full length LP to a physical format!

苦しみに対する主権 LP is a journey of unique sounds unlike any other. While continuing on the traditions and tropes of the barber beats subgenre, GODSPEED音 formats the album in a story-like way, with sounds flowing seamlessly in a narrative format.

"SOVEREIGNTY OVER SUFFERING" has been one of our favorite releases of the year, and one that we knew had to come to tape as soon as it was released. The artist and us have been hard at work formulating the best possible way to preserve this album physically. What we settled on was to release it as its own tape edition: a unique two tape release housed in butterfly cases with multiple physical only bonus tracks. GODSPEED音 meticulously designed the Jcard artwork and labels to perfectly fit the vision we had and the results are stunning!

Copies will be limited at launch so be sure to set your alarms!

We'll see you next Friday at 12:30pm EDT. Until then, follow our Bandcamp page and Twitter for updates!

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