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Celadon Plaza is proud to announce, returning to tape for the first time since 2015...

North Point Mall: Anniversary Edition

VHS Dreams

(Mockups differ slightly from final product)

North Point Mall opens its doors once again. Come and meet us at the plaza for this special reissue!
  • First Reissue on Tape since 2015

  • Real Time Professionally Dubbed Audio

  • Full Color Doubled Sided J-card

  • Mall Tile White Tapes with Marble Label Design

  • Limited to 50 copies

  • RELEASES FRIDAY 6/3 at 12:30 PM ET exclusively on the Celadon Plaza Bandcamp

We are absolutely honored to bring VHS Dreams' Mallsoft classic "North Point Mall" to tape once again through Celadon Plaza!

North Point Mall exemplifies everything we know and love about Mallsoft. Released originally in 2014, this journey through the corridors of a neon-clad shopping center has been a personal favorite of ours since its release.

We'll see you Friday at 12:30pm ET. Until the, follow our Bandcamp page and Twitter for updates and check out our latest Complete Bandcamp Friday Guide!

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