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Celadon Plaza is proud to announce, available physically for the first time ever...

The Curse of Colonialism Series

modest by default

Modest by default's masterful trilogy of atmospheric barber beats makes its way to tape for the very first time.
  • Three Real-Time Professionally Dubbed cassettes featuring all three albums

  • Limited Edition Slipcase Box housing all three cassettes

  • Full Color Double Sided Jcards and labels

  • Alternate series album art insert sticker

  • EXTREMELY Limited Copies

  • RELEASES FRIDAY 7/8 at 12:30 PM ET exclusively on the Celadon Plaza Bandcamp

We are beyond thrilled to bring modest by default's entire Curse of Colonialism series to tape through Celadon Plaza!

The Curse of Colonialism I, II, & III are truly some of the most exceptional releases in the Vaporwave scene thus far in 2022. Modest by default's atmospheric and dreamy style of barber beats couple with their impeccable album art design to create a truly thought provoking listening experience. As soon as the series concluded, we knew it would be a special piece in Vaporwave's history that needed to be preserved physically.

This monstrous release has been in the works for months behind the scenes to ensure every aspect of it lives up to the quality of the albums. The slipcase boxes, series artwork, and jcard/label layouts were masterfully crafted by modest by default to ensure a truly authentic product. The tapes are special-without question the best sounding products we've released thus far on Celadon Plaza.

We've put a lot of love into this release. Due to its massive scale and cost, only limited copies will be available at launch. Plan accordingly to ensure you snag this beautiful collection of art and music.

We'll see you next Friday at 12:30pm EDT. Until then, follow our Bandcamp page and Twitter for updates!

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