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EMERGENCY/Weekly Physical Update: April 12

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

Before we get into this week's releases, an EMERGENCY UPDATE:

A few high demand physicals have been RESTOCKED by My Pet Flamingo! Follow the link to their merch page to snag copies of some highly sought after physicals. At the time of posting, copies remain of the "Nobody Here" soundtrack on vinyl, "Couples Resort" by Waterfront Dining on vinyl, High Renaissance At The Modern Art Museum by VANITAS命死 on cassette and more!


With that exciting Emergency Update out of the way, it appears to be another slow week on the Vaporwave physical front in store for us. I'll highlight a few known releases to watch out for and supplement this post with an additional or emergency Physical Update as needed during the week. Remember to check our Release Archive for a complete and ever-updating list of vinyl and tape releases and subscribe to our mail list to never miss an update!

Firstly, after some confusion with the label Forgotten Imprint over the weekend, the repress of Infinity Frequencies' "Into the Light" has officially gone live as of today. Unlike originally noted, the repress is available on Qrates as a pre order at an edition of 150 on clear vinyl. Don't miss your chance to grab the repress of this Signalwave classic, as it appears copies are going fast.

EDIT: Forgotten Imprint has since posted the below message on their Bandcamp stating the Qrates campaign will be cancelled and the repress will be sold through Bandcamp at a later date. Refrain from buying from the Qrates link and check back here on Celadon Plaza for updates as they become available.

This Friday, My Pet Flamingo will be releasing a "Vapor Edition" of Opus Science Collective's newest album, "Yume no Machi," on cassette. The artist has confirmed that a vinyl edition is already in production and is expected around summer as well, so if cassette isn't your thing, hang in there! The label describes the album as "a love letter to citypop & fusion" so if you're into the classic samples of many future funk songs, this one may be worth checking out. The tapes go live Friday at 5pm UK time.

EDIT: MPF has just confirmed the vinyl edition has arrived. Check the April 15 Physical Update post for more information.

That's all for now! Additional updates will be posted if more releases are revealed later in the week. Once again, remember to subscribe to our mail list to never miss updates. If you did today, you probably were one of the lucky ones to grab some of those My Pet Flamingo overstock copies!

Until next time, hope to see you around the plaza!

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