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Open Pre Order! The Curse of Colonialism Series Reissue

No one should be excluded from owning Physical Vaporwave. Especially for a special Trilogy like this.

In response to The Curse of Colonialism boxsets selling out in 1 minute, and the loud demand we have heard from you all, we are opening a reissue pre order for all who missed out at launch.

Available for Purchase Here

We also want to be sure everyone who was able to snag a bundle is rewarded for their effort. Because of this, some items will remain exclusive to those who snagged the first edition tapes.

The Reissue Bundles will be the same except for a few differences:

- No Slipcase Box - This will remain exclusive to the First Edition Boxset

- Clear Front/Black Back Cases

- Alternate Series Art Sticker will only be included in the FIRST 15 Pre Orders.

These Pre Orders will ship when finished at the plant - about 6-8 weeks is the estimated time.

Thank you to all for the massive support of this project. We hope this is a solution that makes everyone happy.

We want to preserve and promote a love of Physical Vaporwave in the physical world. This allows a greater number of people to do so.

From myself and modest by default, thank you again.

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