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Presenting: Celadon Plaza Selects

One year ago today, I launched the Celadon Plaza website as a simple project. I wanted to do something more with my passion for both physical media and Vaporwave. I decided to attempt to create a hub for newcomers and veterans alike to get all the information they needed about the hobby.

It has been an eventful past year. We’ve grown in ways I couldn’t imagine. I truly thank each and every person who reads and utilizes the resources here. They are, and always will be, dedicated to the artists and fans of this community.

Our commitment has been to physical Vaporwave since the start. For the past year, that has taken the form of archiving all the Vaporwave-adjacent vinyl and cassette releases, posting weekly updates with our favorite drops, and highlighting and reviewing stellar products that we have the fortune of possessing in our collection. Now, in the second year of Celadon Plaza, it will take a new form.

I am proud to announce Celadon Plaza Selects, a series that will bring our platform to the physical world!

Here’s everything you need to know.

What is the Celadon Plaza Selects series?

Celadon Plaza Selects is a special series of physical Vaporwave releases. Throughout our time archiving Vaporwave, we have identified several artists and albums, both new and old, that we feel deserve a proper physical treatment. This series will provide that treatment.

The series will feature Limited Edition cassette releases of albums and artists from across Vaporwave’s numerous subgenres. Some will be released physically for the first time ever. Others will be reissues of long, sold out tapes. All of them share one thing: we at Celadon Plaza truly love them, and we think you will too.

Where will they be released?

Each entry into the Celadon Plaza Selects series will be released digitally and physically on our brand new Celadon Plaza Bandcamp Page. Follow us there now to be sure you don't miss any updates regarding the release schedule. We will be posting updates on Bandcamp before our website and social media pages.

What are the details of the releases?

As our goal is to give these albums a proper physical form, each release will be high-quality. All cassettes will be pro-duplicated by a manufacturer. Each will be limited edition with quantities ranging from 30-50 copies each.

THESE WILL NOT BE PRE-ORDERS. Each release will be in hand before they are listed for sale on our Bandcamp page to ensure they ship in a timely fashion. Because of this, there may exist gaps at times throughout this year in between releases, but rest assured, we are hard at work behind the scenes!

Which artists/albums will be getting releases?

Each release will be revealed via an announcement one-by-one before their release date. No spoilers yet, but so far it’s a great mix in our opinion.

When is the first release?

Similar to the above question, the dates and times of each release will be revealed via an announcement prior to each. Don’t worry, we will be giving you all plenty of time to plan ahead!

Where do I get all the information about each release?

Follow us on Bandcamp, Twitter, and subscribe to the site here to be sure you don’t miss out on any information!


Celadon Plaza Selects has been in the works for a long time and we are incredibly excited and honored to be working with talented artists throughout the scene. After covering these artists for a year now, it is incredibly touching to be able to talk to and get to know them. I'm immensely grateful for their help and willingness to make this series a reality.

This site will remain what it is now. Nothing will be changing. Archiving, Weekly Updates, and Bandcamp Friday Guides will continue. As I have mentioned before, this place is dedicated to bringing awareness to great artists and labels throughout the scene for the work they do to preserve this genre physically. The Celadon Plaza Selects project and our decision to sell physical items will not impact or change our coverage of these amazing groups of people!

It's been a truly great year here at Celadon HQ. I'm incredibly thankful to all you for reading and offering kind words about what we are trying to do here. I'm grateful for the friends I have made throughout the scene from this platform. There are no intentions of stopping soon. We will continue our mission to be the prime hub for lovers of physical Vaporwave.

I hope you enjoy the Celadon Plaza Selects series as it truly is to provide you all with more great physical Vaporwave. Follow us on Bandcamp, Twitter, Instagram, and subscribe to the site mail list for the official announcement of the first tape, CEL-S01, very soon.

Until then, hope to see you around the Plaza!


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