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Weekly Physical Update: April 19

Thank you for choosing Celadon Plaza, where we strive to cater to all your physical Vaporwave needs.

It appears to be light week ahead for releases as of Monday, with only a cassette by PoLYGLoT on Business Casual confirmed to drop Friday thus far according to the Release Archive. As always, we'll feature additional update posts throughout this week as needed if more big name releases are announced. As for this post, we'll take the time to highlight some killer releases over the past week you may have missed. All are (currently) still in stock, so act fast and you can pick them up still!


death's dynamic shroud - Virtual Utopia Experience

The 2014 classic DDS album 'Virtual Utopia Experience' received a surprise vinyl pressing this past Friday from 100PercentElectronica. The album was pressed at an edition of 900, 450 on 'Virtual Sunset Yellow' and 450 on 'NUWRLD Blue.' The Sunset edition sold out quickly but there remains about 70 copies left of the blue on 100PercentElectronica's website. George Clanton hinted at one day pressing all of DDS' catalogue onto vinyl, and this may be a sign of good things to come. Grab a copy before they are gone!


Aloe Island Posse - Aloe Island Adventures

With only 1 vinyl anthology pressing and multiple old cassette versions of Aloe Island Posse's previous albums climbing in price and becoming scarce on the resale market, fans of the longtime Future Funk artist were beginning to lose hope. Then, Tiger Blood Tapes stepped in. Out of nowhere, Tiger Blood dropped a pre order for not only a vinyl edition of 'Aloe Island Adventures' but also a cassette reissue. The album will be pressed on "Lemonade and Cherry Splatter" vinyl and also issued on "yellow tinted" cassette shells. It's estimated to be ready by August of this year. If you love classic, tropical themed Future Funk, this is for you. Secure your pre order now on Tiger Blood Tapes for either the cassette or vinyl; as of posting, 27 and 69 copies remain of each. The pre order window may scare you, but trust me, this will be a sought after physical once it sells out.


Nmesh - Nu.wav Hallucinations

Following a vinyl release of Nmesh's 2014 hit 'Dream Sequins' (still in stock by the way), label AMDISCS dropped two variants of the artist's 2013 effort, 'Nu.wav Hallucinations' on both silver and transparent vinyl this past weekend. Silver has since sold out, but transparent copies remain. Shipping is an arm and a leg, but if you possibly have been considering buying 'Dream Sequins,' this is a good opportunity to save some money and group them together in one order.


That's all for now! Be sure to check the Release Archive again for additional drops from this past weekend that may still be in stock. Look out for additional Physical Updates as the week goes on and be sure to subscribe to our mail list to be notified as soon as those updates are posted!

Until next time, hope to see you around the Plaza!

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