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Weekly Physical Update: February 10

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

We're back after Bandcamp Friday with three more physicals you should check out around the scene this week!

Want to fall asleep to some peaceful Vapor? Covered.

Trying to dance the night away to a tape featuring remixes of songs by one of the genre's best? Covered.

Need the perfect tape to play for your loved one on Valentine's Day? Yup, that's covered as well.

Dive into the top three releases we think you need to check out this week below!

As always, remember that there's plenty more releases occurring besides these, and they're all tracked in the Release Archive. We update it daily for your convivence, and have even reformatted it for the New Year! New physicals are now added from top to bottom, so simply clicking on the link will provide you with the newest physicals at the top of the list. Be sure to check it out!

Track of the Week: Cherry Pepsi (Saved My Life)


Dream Waves

from tokyo to honolulu (Vinyl, Cassette)

Hiraeth Records - 2/11 8am EST

  • Hiraeth Records breaks their silence with a beautiful physical release of from tokyo to honolulu's 'Dream Waves

  • Available on 2xLP (Black & Smoky Blue), Cassette and even Minidisc and CD on both their website and Bandcamp

  • Should ship within a week

  • EU and US Based Shipping


Prom Night: A Tribute to Saint Pepsi

Various Artists (Cassette)

Coraspect Records - 2/12 12pm CST

  • A very cool project indeed, Coraspect Records has compiled a compilation of remixes and original tracks from various artists in the scene to pay tribute to Saint Pepsi

  • The whole compilations is full of talented artists giving it their all! You can listen now on their YouTube page before copping a tape on Saturday

  • Edition unknown

  • Limited Pre Order period

  • US Based Shipping


Your Man あなたの男

PanPan (Cassette)

Doki Doki Beats Bandcamp - 2/14 12pm EST

  • PanPan lays their second great physical on us barely a week after their last (check out their barber beats tape on Liquid Marble)

  • Romantic and slow classic Vaporwave jams, perfect to pick up to celebrate Valentine's Day

  • Edition of 20

  • Should ship within a few days

  • US based shipping


We hope you enjoyed this week's Physical Update and are planning to support these artists and labels with their upcoming releases!

Be sure subscribe to our Mail List to receive all weekly and emergency physical updates and check our complete Release Archive (newly reworked!) to stay up to date on all the various releases happening around the Vaporwave scene. Follow our Twitter page for updates as well. We always are sure to retweet big physical announcements there. It's a quick and convenient way for us to instantly update you all when a new product is announced, so be sure to follow us @CeladonPlaza and turn on post notifications.

We also have an Instagram page now! Follow us there @CeladonPlaza as well!

Until next time, hope to see you around the plaza!

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