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Weekly Physical Update: February 25

Apologies for the delay on this post! Some VERY exciting things are happening behind the scenes here at Celadon Plaza HQ and we have been busy making preparations.

Look out for an announcement regarding this soon. We CANNOT WAIT to show you all what we have planned!

But, until then, there's still physical releases to track! Here's a quick rundown of three for the current week. And, as always, remember that there's plenty more releases occurring besides these. We track them all in the Release Archive which we update daily for your convivence, and have even reformatted it for the New Year! New physicals are now added from top to bottom, so simply clicking on the link will provide you with the newest physicals at the top of the list. Be sure to check it out!

Track of the Week: Purified Water


Relaxation Network

Vįr+üål Åįrßñß (Cassette)

Gulf Audio Company Bandcamp - Available Now

  • Another piece of Vįr+üål Åįrßñß's catalog gets a physical courtesy of Gulf Audio Co.

  • The curator of ambient and dreamlike Mallsoft vibes takes us on a journey through a relaxing simulated resort

  • Edition of 25

  • Ships within a few days

  • US Based Shipping


Regn LP

Doktor Plekter (Cassette)

Business Casual Bandcamp - Available Now

  • No fancy adjectives needy. It's really good Future Funk. We adore the smooth transitions between the songs

  • Edition of 100

  • Should ship within 1 week

  • US Based Shipping



天涯市 (Cassette/Minidisc)

Underwater Computing Bandcamp - Available Now

  • Unique in both its physical and digital composition, a must-listen to add to your list this week

  • Edition unknow (Tapes sold out)

  • Ships within a few days

  • France based shipping


We hope you enjoyed this week's Physical Update and are planning to support these artists and labels with their upcoming releases!

Bandcamp Friday returns next week! We will, as usual, be making next week's physical update a complete Bandcamp Friday Post. Look out for that post with a chart that updates throughout the week to go live on Monday/Tuesday!

Be sure subscribe to our Mail List to receive all weekly and emergency physical updates and check our complete Release Archive (newly reworked!) to stay up to date on all the various releases happening around the Vaporwave scene. Follow our Twitter page for updates as well. We always retweet ALL physical announcements there. It's a quick and convenient way for us to instantly update you all when a new product is announced, so be sure to follow us @CeladonPlaza and turn on post notifications.

We also have an Instagram page now! Follow us there @CeladonPlaza as well!

Thanks for sticking with us over the past year. As mentioned, we are incredibly excited about what the future is bringing for Celadon Plaza. Stick with us and this will soon be revealed!

Until next time, hope to see you around the plaza!

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