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Weekly Physical Update: June 16

Hope everyone grabbed a copy of Luxury Elite's 'Prism' during the pre order window! Today's post is a quick one to highlight a few physicals releasing this week. A quick note for the future of these posts: We've noticed that the volume of releases and announcements occurring sporadically makes it hard for a full Physical Update post at the start or every week on Sunday or Monday. Because of this, from now on the Weekly Physical Update Posts will be posted whenever is most appropriate for that week. For example, next week's post may be on a Thursday if big releases are announced mid week. This change will be supplemented with additional and emergency update posts to ensure big releases at the beginnings of the week are always accounted for. Remember, these weekly posts only feature what we feel to be the biggest 2-3 releases of the week. For a complete list of everything releasing Weekly, always check the Release Archive, as we work hard to update it constantly.


First up and recently dropped is Eyeclick's intriguing LP 'E͛͛͛c͛͛͛s͛͛͛t͛͛͛a͛͛͛s͛͛͛y͛͛͛ ͛͛͛ຕະຫຼາດ.' On the 1 year anniversary of the album, Retrac Recordings has opened up a pre order for 100 copies of Eyeclick's work on brilliant blue and black marble vinyl. If you're a fan of the NuWrld style of Death's Dynamic Shroud, this one is definitely worth checking out. You can pre order a copy on the Retrac Recordings Bandcamp page now!


Next up, a great chance to grab a repress of a CatCorp classic opened up this past Friday. Needlejuice Records launched an open pre order for a repress of 2 new variants of 猫 シ Corp's "Sunday Television" that is still ongoing. Needlejuice is normally fantastic about leaving their pre orders open for a long time and ordering a ton of extra copies to put up for sale once pre orders are fulfilled, so this is a good opportunity to grab this LP if you missed one of the first runs. You have a choice of either the "Afternoon Programme" or "Partly Cloudy" variant, and you honestly can't go wrong with either. To secure a copy, head over to their website today if you're USA based, or CatCorp's Bandcamp if you're EU based.


Last but not least, a reissue of of one of our favorite P U D E R P O L L I releases is happening this Friday on Underwater Computing. リハビリの美しい日々 features some slushy Vaporwave that gives you the feeling of wandering the halls of an abandoned hospital. Underwater Computing puts out some of the most stunningly beautiful cassettes in the Vaporwave scene, and the pictures of this reissue show another tape just as exquisite as the others. You can grab the tape at 5pm Paris time Friday on their Bandcamp.


And that's all for this week's physical update! As always, subscribe to our Mail List to receive all weekly and emergency physical updates and check our Release Archive to stay up to date on all the various releases happening around the scene. Also, we have rebranded our Twitter page to better include updates for both Celadon Plaza and Dark Rise Productions! Follow us there and turn on notifications for a more instant way of receiving drop notifications, as we will be retweeting big announcements and be making condensed versions of these posts weekly there! Be sure to find us there @CeladonPlazaDRP.

Until next time, hope to see you around the plaza!

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