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Weekly Physical Update - March 14th

Thank you for choosing Celadon Plaza, where we strive to cater to all your physical Vaporwave needs.

Today we see the first weekly physical update post. As said previously, these will be posted every Sunday to highlight the best upcoming physical products for the week. Additional physical updates can be posted throughout the week as needed if more high profile releases are announced, but as always, be sure to check the Celadon Plaza Physical Archive for a complete list of all upcoming releases!

First up to look out for this week we have a HUGE repress courtesy of Yung Bae. Bae's 2016 album Skyscraper Anonymous finally gets a much deserved repress after originally releasing on translucent pink vinyl exclusively via the Vinyl Digital website. Exact details are unknown at the moment but we have confirmation from Yung Bae that Friday is indeed the magic day. Us here at Celadon Plaza are assuming it will drop around midnight PST on Friday and most likely will be on Yung Bae's merch site, but stayed tuned and check the archive for exact details as they become available. The vinyl looks beautiful and 50% of the profits will be heading to charity so definitely pick this one up!

Also of note, TODAY at 6pm PT Neoncity will be dropping 2 brand new vinyl, Shibuya Meltdown by Macross 82-99 and Anri - Night Tempo presents The Showa Groove. These will be available at an unknown quantity on Neoncity's website. If you're a fan of these associations future funk artists be sure to snag these!

Finally, one of the best labels in the game, My Pet Flamingo has

a cassette drop this Friday at 5pm UK Time. ZAYAZ's new album, Filter Tapped, debuts both digitally and physically via MPF on their Bandcamp this Friday. Perhaps a lesser known artist in the scene, I highly recommend checking out the album once it drops. Cassette copies have been staying in stock longer as of late on MPF for lower demand releases, so you should have time to give the album a listen digitally before committing to buying a tape.

That's all for today. Until next time, hope to see you around the Plaza!


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