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Weekly Physical Update March 28th (Non Bandcamp Friday)

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Thank you for choosing Celadon Plaza, where we strive to cater to all your physical Vaporwave needs.

Bandcamp Friday is just around the corner and this Friday, April 2 labels and artists across the Vaporwave scene will be dropping huge numbers of releases. As promised, the complete Bandcamp Friday guide post will be compiled prior to Friday, but we are excited to announce it will be ready to go by Wednesday rather than Thursday! Subscribe to Celadon Plaza's mail list below to be sure you don't miss this helpful guide.

Today's post is a short one, highlighting a big, non Bandcamp Friday release that will take place on Sunday, April 4th at 3pm EDT. Pure Life Tapes has made the exciting announcement that they will be re-releasing a classic LP, 'Gateway アセンション,' the final split album from artists HKE and t e l e p a t h before they formed the legendary duo 2814. The album was originally released on cassette via BARO Records in 2015. This release via Pure Life, however, will not only feature a reissue of the album on cassette, but also the first ever vinyl pressing of it, a 2XLP 180g record on what appears to be 2 variants of gorgeous red and blue wax. You're not going to want to miss a chance to grab some of HKE and t e l e p a t h's work on the vinyl format, so set your alarms for 3pm EDT this Easter Sunday now!

And that's all for today's update! Be sure to lookout for the Bandcamp Friday Special Post, along with our first "Month in Review" post that will highlight my top 3 physical Vaporwave releases that we saw in March.

Until next time, hope to see you around the plaza!

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