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Weekly Physical Update: May 10

Another jam packed Bandcamp Friday has come and gone. Before we get into this week's physical update, be sure to check the Complete Bandcamp Friday guide as some great releases from the past week are still in stock! Specifically, I'd like to call attention to Nxxxxxs' 'Remember Last Summer' which received an unexpected second edition vinyl this past Friday and 3D Blast's 'Music: Here to Stay' as it was released on cassette for the first time via Business Casual. Both, and many more stellar physicals, are still in stock, so act fast before they sell out!

This week, I wanted to quickly call your attention to 2 exciting announcements of upcoming future funk vinyl. The first will be releasing this week and the other later this month.


Montaime Records has ended its physical hiatus and will deliver a future funk classic on wax later this week. On Friday at 12pm ET pre orders will be open for 300 copies of Tendencies' 2015 EP 'Waterbed' remastered as a Deluxe Edition. The vinyl will feature the entire original EP plus bonus tracks an be pressed on beautiful blue wax with an obi-strip and all. After the stellar job done by Montaime on their last remastered future funk classic (Supersex 420 and Tendencies' 'Split EP') it's safe to assume this will be just as top notch or better. Don't miss your chance at this one; it may go fast. You can listen to the original digital release of the album on Orange Milk Records.


After years of waiting, it's finally happening.

'A Million Miles Away,' Macross 82-99's crowning jewel, will be repressed onto vinyl this month via Neoncity Records. The label announced this past Friday in a 7 year anniversary video highlighting the album that the long awaited repress will occur this May. It is unknown exactly when at this moment, but check back here throughout the month and updates will be posted when they become available.

Given their history, my guess would be the album drops on a

Friday this month at 12pm PT on their main website. Nevertheless, you will know when and where once it is fully confirmed. The teaser video showcased that the vinyl will feature the same artwork from its first run and will be pressed onto split blue/gray wax. This release is as big as they come. It's beloved and sought by many. Fingers crossed for an open pre order so everyone who wants to can get a copy, but if not, prepare for a bloodbath.


That's all for today! As always, subscribe to our Mail List to receive all weekly and emergency physical updates and check our Release Archive to stay up to date on all the various releases happening around the scene.

Until next time, hope to see you around the plaza!

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