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Weekly Physical Update: May 18

This week's Physical Update was delayed a day in hopes of more information being given for a few teased physicals, and alas, it was given! Here's 3 Vaporwave physicals to keep your eye out for this week!


First up, Luxury Elite has confirmed a cassette drop of one of her albums tomorrow, Wednesday May 19th! It is unknown which album will be issued and

on what label it will be released through, but evidence suggests it will be the much anticipated physical debut of her most recent LP, 'High Society.' If this is the case,

expect copies to sell out fast. As stated, it is currently unknown where and at what time this new tape will drop, so check back here at Celadon Plaza for updates as more details become available. Expect an Emergency Update once all details are known.


Next, My Pet Flamingo will be pressing Mac Lacrosse's newest album, 'Satisfaction Guaranteed,' onto 2 vinyl variants this Friday, May 21 at 5pm UK time. The album was previously released by them on tape in January and has since sold out, so now is your chance to snag a physical copy if you missed out!


Finally, a very unique release coming to Needlejuice Records this Friday. Well known slushwave artist Desert Sand Feels Warm at Night will have their newest sample free album, 'New World Disciples,' released by Needlejuice on 2 vinyl variants and cassette on Friday at 12pm EST. One of this variants will be a highly limited sand-filled LP which, by the looks of it, is absolutely stunning.

The physicals will be open for pre order and the label has also confirmed enough copies of each will be bought to stay in stock after all pre orders are filled. If you're a fan of some relaxing, sample-free slushwave and want a shot at owning a Vaporwave vinyl filled with sand, be sure to check out Needlejuice come Friday at noon EST!


And that's all for today's physical update! As always, subscribe to our Mail List to receive all weekly and emergency physical updates and check our Release Archive to stay up to date on all the various releases happening around the scene.

Until next time, hope to see you around the plaza!

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