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Weekly Physical Update: May 24

Hope everyone had a great week and was able to snag a copy of Luxury Elite's 'High Society' on tape! A quick announcement before this week's update: The next couple Fridays will not feature written physical reviews. This is because I'm currently working on my next review in video format! If you're subscribed to Dark Rise Productions on YouTube, you may remember the Vapor Vinyl Spotlight series I started about a year ago. After a long hiatus, that series will be continuing in the next 2 weeks, and I'll be using the time I normally dedicate to written Celadon Plaza reviews to work on that video instead. Fear not, the video and review will still be posted here on Celadon Plaza for those not subscribed to Dark Rise Productions (although I highly recommend you do so)

Alright, there's one thing on everyone's mind for this week, so let's get into the news.


Neoncity Records confirmed earlier today that the long awaited repress of Macross 82-99's beloved album 'A Million Miles Away' will go live on their website, Wednesday May 26th at 6pm PT. Nothing really needs to be said to hype this release up. You know it's an amazing album and you know it currently goes for 100s of dollars on resale markets. Be on Neoncity's website at 6pm PT on Wednesday and be ready to speed run the checkout process or you will be sorry.


In other Neoncity news, future funk artists Tsundere Alley and Jelly Bon Bon will both have their EPs released on cassette this Saturday through the label as well. Both EPs will be available at 12pm PT on Neoncity's Bandcamp (not their website) this Saturday, May 29.


Seems like a huge week for Future Funk physicals so far! Last but not least, Coraspect Records will be releasing Flammy's 2020 future funk album "Kiss Kiss Feel Good" on cassette on May 29th as well. No time has been announced, but previous Coraspect drops have normally been at 12pm CT. Check the Release Archive for an exact time to be posted once announced.


That's all for today's physical update! As always, subscribe to our Mail List to receive all weekly and emergency physical updates and check our Release Archive to stay up to date on all the various releases happening around the scene. Also remember to subscribe to Dark Rise Productions to be the among the first to know when the newest entry in the Vapor Vinyl Spotlight series goes live.

Until next time, hope to catch you around the plaza!

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