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Weekly Physical Update: May 31

We approach the beginning of another month of physical releases, with a few great ones already slated for the coming week. Unfortunately, it was announced that Bandcamp Fridays will not be occurring in June or July, which means no massive Bandcamp Friday release post for the next 2 months. Bandcamp Friday will return on the first Friday of August however, so only a 2 month hiatus until our next mega Vaporwave release day. Look at this time as a way for your wallet to recover. As for this week, there's 2 releases I'd like to highlight...


First and foremost, Aloe City Records will be pressing MACマイナス 's Updated Floral Experience onto 2 vinyl variants this Friday, June 4th. This well-crafted tribute album to the legendary 'Floral Shoppe hits all the right notes in its attempt to create a sequel to the original. It's a superb album that features a cleaner style than that of the original while also staying true and paying homage to Vektroid's original style. Any Vaporwave fan surely can find enjoyment in this one. 200 standard copies of purple and 100 exclusive fan club splatter copies (pictured below) will go live at 7pm UK time on Aloe City's Bandcamp and website.


To close the update, I wanted to touch on a Death's Dynamic Shroud tape that you have until tonight to secure. If you're not aware, DDS offers a mixtape club where for $15 a month, you get a myriad of benefits, but cheif among them is one cassette a month featuring an exclusive mixtape in the style of early 2010s DDS. This month's mixtape, サンシャインMANIA, looks beautiful and sounds amazing so far from the teasers shown. It you're interested in サンシャインMANIA or want a chance at occasional subscriber exclusive overstock tapes, I highly recommend joining the NuWrld mixtape club. If you want to secure a copy of the newest tape, you'll have to subscribe by midnight tonight, June 1st.


That's all for now. A quick update before closing: the newest review in video format, as I mentioned last week, is in production and will be uploaded later this week! It will be posted here but if you want to know as soon as it releases, be sure to subscribe to Dark Rise Productions on YouTube. I'll be talking about a very unique and limited Vaporwave vinyl that I'm excited to shed some light on!

Hope to see you around the plaza!

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