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Weekly Physical Update: October 21

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

The third week of October brings us Vaporwave fans a stunning repress on wax and two albums debuting on a physical format.

Not seeing anything that intrigues you? The Release Archive is always updated with all the newest announcements, including many that we don't have the time to talk about in these posts. Always be sure to check there throughout the week!

Track of the Week: ✈ ∛ᴼᵒ|| ₒₒ↸⑇⑆ 7+



Vįr+üål Åįrßñß (Cassette)

Underwater Computing Bandcamp - 5pm Paris

  • We're absolutely in love with this release. A relaxing, ambient journey depicting what we can only assume the cover location sounds like. We adore the Mallsoft elements sprinkled in amongst the ambience.

  • Edition of 30

  • In stock and ships instantly

  • France Based Shipping


Swag 流儀

waterfront dining (Vinyl)

My Pet Flamingo Bandcamp - 10/22 5pm UK

  • Long awaited repress of a fan-favorite waterfront dining album

  • The first entry into MPF's "Artefacts" series featuring a line of classic represses from the label.

  • Edition Unknown - Coke Bottle Green wax

  • In stock and ships instantly

  • UK Based Shipping


01​-​999​-​6363 拨号上网 sexxxline

👁‍🗨📲 (eyeclick) (Cassette)

Business Casual Bandcamp - 10/22 12pm ET

  • Where to begin with this one? Looks to be another eccentric, "Nuwrld" style release from up-and-coming Vaporwave producer 'Eyeclick.'

  • Expect a wide range of creative samples and abrasive chops. If you're a fan of death's dynamic shroud, you need to check this out.

  • Edition unknown

  • In stock and should ship within 1 week

  • US based shipping


We hope you enjoyed this week's Physical Update and are planning to support these artists and labels with their upcoming releases!

Be sure subscribe to our Mail List to receive all weekly and emergency physical updates and check our complete Release Archive to stay up to date on all the various releases happening around the Vaporwave scene. Follow our Twitter page for updates as well because we always are sure to retweet big physical announcements there. It's a quick and convenient way for us to instantly update you all when a new product is announced, so be sure to follow us @CeladonPlazaDRP and turn on post notifications.

Until next time, hope to see you around the plaza!

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